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3-D Range at Crystal Lake

3-D Range at Crystal Lake

We have united with City Care and the City Kids Outdoors organization and have now opened a new 3D range at Crystal Lake!  We are forming a club, Crystal Lake Archery Club, and are looking forward to a great adventure.

We have a 14 foot tower with 4 shooting stations (you MUST wear a safety harness to shoot from tower) with targets from 10 to 60 yards.  There is also a static range with targets from 10 to 80 yards for sighting your bows in or just practicing.

We have a tournament scheduled each month starting March through July.  Look on the Calendar tab for more info.

For membership applications and the safety guidelines, go to the Forms page.  It’s not exactly user friendly, but you can copy and paste into MS Word. We’ll get that worked out. Or better yet, stop by the shop and we’ll get you going.